Shaping the future of the global cannabis industry.

Powerplant Global Strategies is a strategic partnerships, communications and investor relations firm exclusively focused on the legal cannabis industry. 


Through compelling campaigns, storytelling, technology, content creation, deep media relationships, public affairs, branding, strategic partnerships, go-to-market and business development strategies and an unmatched network of investors and industry thought leaders, Powerplant Global Strategies helps its clients achieve long-term success in the cannabis industry.

With decades of experience building brands, communities, campaigns and movements that change behaviors and thinking, our team will help you enhance your core business, expand your reach to new audiences and transform the way influencers and investors think about you.

Our business model breaks the mold of what a full-service, results-oriented agency looks like and how it quarterbacks concepts on behalf of our clients. Powerplant’s suite of solutions and services create lasting change for businesses, associations, organizations, firms and individuals, while driving the responsible addition of legalized cannabis to the global marketplace.

Powerplant Global Strategies has offices in Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Toronto and a global network of experienced partners.

Our Clients in the News

Harvest Health & Recreation in Benzinga

“The world’s biggest cannabis market is the U.S. and it is ripe with opportunities. We are focused on capitalizing on a host of opportunities in the states, driving value for our shareholders and are on pace to become the largest cannabis company in the world,” said Harvest CEO Steve White.

Functional Remedies in Fox News

“We commend lawmakers for passing the farm bill, which places hemp and hemp-derived products on par with other agricultural products regulated by the USDA. It’s been an injustice that hemp oil, which does not get people ‘high,’ has been wrongly treated in the same way as addictive drugs such as heroin. And now that injustice has been corrected,” Anthony Mazzotti CEO of Functional Remedies said in a statement.


“So at our dispensary we offer all of the products that are acceptable in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania,” BEYOND/HELLO President Blythe Huestis explained. “Flour for vaporization, oil cartridges, tinctures, capsules and topical lotions, we do not have edibles. They are not currently approved.”

Inception REIT in USA Today

“You’re seeing a lot of money come in on the hype,” says Richard Acosta, CEO of Inception REIT, a Beverly Hills, California, firm that provides real estate-related funding for greenhouses, warehouses and medical labs used by marijuana and cannabis companies.

Merida Capital in Business Insider

“When data becomes actionable, when the data sets become big enough, it’s going to be like whiplash for the market,” Baruchowitz said. “When data moves into the space, all of that historical or even instinctual behavior goes away.”

Hiller, PC in RollingStone

“This is not just a case about the CSA. This is a civil rights case that focuses on the rights of individuals using life-saving medication to preserve their lives and health,” says Bortell’s attorney, Michael Hiller, founder of Hiller PC and former professor of constitutional law at John Jay College of Criminal Justice.